Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cherry Mash vs. Twin Bing

You'd think there would not be much difference between the two: a soft cherry-flavored center enveloped in chocolate with chopped roasted peanuts. One is formed into a singular mass while the other resembles a pair of testicles.

The ingredient list is fairly similar as well with one notable exception. Chase's Cherry Mash lists maraschino cherries in the mix and their flavor definitely stands out against the Twin Bing's center. It is this mouthful of intense maraschino cherry flavor, albeit with a slight taste resembling bubble gum, which puts the center of the Cherry Mash well ahead of the Twin Bing.

In contrast, the Palmer Twin Bing's shining glory is its peanut-studded chocolate exterior. The chocolate taste of the Bing is slightly more pronounced but it's the coarser chopped peanuts that is the Twin Bing's forte.

It's good that both candy bars have such unique merits. If you enjoy a pronounced cherry flavor the Cherry Mash is the one to enjoy. If crunchy, salty peanuts are your preference then you shouldn't pass up the Twin Bing.

These sister candies, each located in cities along the Missouri River, can enjoy a friendly rivalry between their respective fans, and still dish out what each does best.
Photos from the Picasa Web Album: Reviewed Foods

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