Friday, October 29, 2010

Eggs Benedict at Billy Joe's in West Des Moines

UPDATE: Billy Joe's has since closed.
Last Saturday I passed on the usual boring Inger-Dahl's buffet breakfast and went out west to Billy Joe's at 1701 25th St. in West Des Moines for Eggs Benedict with a side of hash browns.

The eggs were poached to my satisfaction – with the yolk issuing forth but not runny, and firm yet not tough whites. The hash browns, though crisp, have been browner in the past, but real cooking has the occasional flaw. If I wanted an absolute I'll go to McDonalds for a McMuffin egg 'disc'.

I asked for jalapeños on my browns and they did not disappoint by offering a measly few. The streaky bacon in my Benedict was both slightly crisp and tender to the fork. Not bad for a requested substitute to Canadian bacon. I'd prefer a little more crisp, but I think in this instance it works well with the dish as a whole.

Passed on coffee this time since it tends to be on the weak side, and when typically served in a clear mug it only highlights the pale color.

Ordered a tall screwdriver. A little light on the vodka, but that could just be my fondness for a little kick.

In the future I have to remember to order an English muffin on the side so I can mop up the remains of the tasty Hollandaise sauce. Bright with citrus, and a luscious mouthfeel.

So next time you come up on the Waveland Cafe on the weekend and notice the line to be seated, just keep going and head out to Billy Joe's where there's no waiting for decent breakfast fare. Breakfast runs from 9am to 1pm on the weekends.
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