Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can't get no grindin'? Then get your mojo to Sandwiches by Reca.

UPDATE: Jennie's Grinders has ceased operating a food stand at the Iowa State Fair. 2015 was their last Fair.
Lately I had the chance to try the grub at Sandwiches by Reca on the triangle of E. Douglas, Hubbell and E. 38th (3765 Hubbell Ave., Des Moines).

The place is a dinky little joint with just enough room for you to come in out of the cold/heat/rain/snow and place your order to go. Their signature sandwich, the Jennie's Original Grinder, is the year-round counterpart to the famous sandwich served up at the Iowa State Fair every August.
The sandwich consists of loose-meat Italian pork sausage, packed into a hoagie roll, topped with shredded mozzarella and heated in a toaster oven until the cheese melts. The sausage seasoning is a proprietary family recipe, tasting rather like a cross between Italian sausage and Mexican chorizo. Ask for a side of pickled banana peppers to garnish with; each bite just pops with tastes of savory, spicy, cheesy and vinegary.

My provider of transportation had a need for protein as well but opted for a burger which was about as home-style as it gets: thick, irregular patty cooked to a solid medium, adorned with a slice of onion along with ketchup, mustard and pickle on a soft white hamburger bun. I prefer well done myself but my pal was delighted... pink.

The fries are of a shoestring variety similar to McDonald's, but tasted more of potato than the fast-food variety. A little salt on the fries fresh of out the fryer would have been welcome, but I'd go back for more given the opportunity.

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