Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tasty, cheap taqueria eats at… Southridge Mall?!?!

UPDATE: Jalpita la Bella has since closed.

Come in through the main entrance at Southridge Mall, ignore the food court, and turn left heading towards Sears. Not far down, on your right, is a little mom-and-pop taqueria chiseled out of the space of what ever business venture preceded it, and the one before that, etc., etc.

The food at Jalpita la Bella is simple, surprisingly cheap, and more the most part quite good.

The pupusas are slight for filling in comparison to the excellent pupusa made by Pupusas El Salvador at the Downtown Farmers' Market, but the slaw is top rate. I suggest a visit to the self-serve condiments bar for grilled onions and jalapeños to top your pupusa.

The folded enchiladas may be small, but are cheap and wicked tasty. Boasting a flavor reminiscent of mole, likely from the sauce the tortilla was dipped in.

The shredded beef tostada was the unexpected delight. The beef was super tender and flavorful. Atop this: torn lettuce, onion, a small dollop of sour cream, and a halved cherry tomato.

From left: pupusa with slaw, folded enchilada, shredded beef tostada.

Hopefully Jalpita la Bella will stick around for awhile. At least until the next "big box" store pulls out of the mall. With JCPenney preparing to close in June, one could lay even odds on either Sears or Younkers. With three other stores in the metro, I'm betting on Younkers.

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