Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tacopocalypse for Breakfast

On a return to Tacopocalypse at the Des Moines Farmers' Market since my first visit [see blog post], I tried the much lauded Breakfast Thing. Simply put, a grilled Queso Chihuahua quesadilla made with two corn tortillas instead of one folded over. Then topped with your choice of filling, such as beef cheeks, pork tongue, braised pork, or Chef Sam Auen's famous bacon and vegan chorizos. Add to that a scrambled egg, a squirt of salsa especiale and a smattering of shredded cheese. Additional items such as salsas verde or roja, onion or cilantro are available to finish the dish to your liking.

I ordered up a Breakfast Thing with vegan chorizo, and added some cilantro. The chorizo, as good as ever, dominated the Thing with its savory, comforting flavor. The quesadilla underneath stood up quite well with melty cheesiness, sandwiched between the corn tortillas.

However, the scrambled eggs didn't know what hit'em and were easily overwhelmed by the vegan chorizo. Meaty fare like braised pork or pork tongue may be the better pairing.

The vegan chorizo does not like to share top billing. It is a true diva.

Tacopocalypse at the Farmers' Market on Urbanspoon Photos from the Picasa Web Album: Tacopocalypse at the Farmers' Market.

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Godfather Marco said...

Yeah, pork and bacon is where it's at.