Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Coney and a beer at Jim's Coney Island

Jim's Coney Island on S.E. Ninth lays claim to the chili recipe of the original downtown Coney Island restaurant, which survived urban renewal in the early 1980s to resurface as a Skywalk eatery until it finally closed in 2008.

The concoction is almost a mirror image in consistency and content to the chili served by the more famous Ted's Coney Island on Ingersoll Avenue [see blog post], but sports a completely different flavor profile. Tasting more akin to a mild Tex-Mex than Greek style, it still boasts a nice black pepper bite. Served up with a Ziploc snack bag full of oyster crackers, you will not want of more. I even saved some for future nibbling.

The Coney is a pretty standard chili dog, with chopped onion, pickle sliver, and a slather of mustard. Easily the most kid-friendly Coney in town, apart from Sonic's footlong chili dogs.

Like Ted's, Jim's offers basket combos featuring onion rings, fries, and Cole slaw. Jim's slaw is far creamier than Ted's, with an overt amount of sweet dressing. Still the cabbage retains some crunch.

The thick crinkle cut fries are a treat to eat. Golden, crisp exterior; fluffy inside larger pieces; crunchy on the smaller bits. Lightly salted from the fryer, they're just right.

Crunchy onion rings, not too greasy. Right smack in-between thick cut and thin strands. A little salt would help counterbalance the sweetness.

At Jim's you can get a cold bottle of beer to wash down your meal with. On this occasion the dude sacked out in the bar area was a bit off-putting, especially when he was resting on the counter. At first I couldn't quite decide whether he was an employee on break, or someone's boyfriend slacking off. Sloth has it's time and place. But not staring blankly up from the countertop a few seats down – in my general direction – while I'm stuffing my face.

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