Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heyn's Ice Cream: The Towncrest treat

Having the luxury of time during my recent visit to Iowa City, I took a long walk southeast to the Towncrest neighborhood in search of Heyn’s Ice Cream.

For over twenty years Heyn’s has been perfecting their handmade ice creams. Ready for a break after an hour’s walk, I sat down and sampled a few of their hard-pack creations along with a scoop of Heyn’s sorbet, a frozen dessert made from sweetened water usually flavored with fruit.

Dense and creamy ice cream.

Sampling the Chocoholic Delight, I was reminded of the taste of chocolate cake and frosting. So rich and dense, and studded with hot fudge, brownies, and crushed Heath bars. There's no end of oral delight!

Sadly, the strawberry sorbet was way too sweet for my palate. Despite the bits of fruit strewn about, the sugar overpowers the fruit flavor and renders one unconscious from the diabetic coma it induces. I could not finish it.

Trying to end my visit on a positive note, I ordered a scoop of Lemon Custard. More dense than the delightful Lemon Custard ice cream served at Bauder Pharmacy in Des Moines [see blog review], Heyn's has a smooth and creamy lemon flavor but doesn't sport as much flavor and aroma of zest that makes Bauder's ice cream shine.

Fans of Whitey’s Ice Cream – a popular chain of ice cream shops in Iowa City, Coralville, and the Quad Cities – are legion. Generally I would not pass up an opportunity to have some of Whitey’s delicious ice creams, but if given a choice I would gravitate to Heyn’s for another scoop of their creamy concoctions.

But not the sorbet. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

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