Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Open your taste buds to Open Sesame

Back in Des Moines after my time away in Iowa City and Ottumwa, I finally got an opportunity to dine at Open Sesame in the East Village neighborhood. My dining partner tried the Falafel Salad while I ordered the Vegetarian Plate.

Falafel salad, left, and Vegetarian Plate.

The falafel was lightly fried, which made for a tender bite. If I had not asked, I could easily assume it was baked. Texture and spiciness were first rate too.

Hummus was super smooth and creamy, sported a nice salty tang and hint of sesame. Not as earth-shattering as the hummus I tried recently at Fair Grounds Coffeehouse in Iowa City [see blog post], but still a superior dip.

The pita was thin and crispy, appealingly so. Stuffed grape leaves were the tenderest I've ever eaten, with a bright briny flavor but not overpowering. The tabbouleh was also bright, and vegetal.

For beverages, I started off with cardamon spiced iced tea. It was delicate and refreshing. A squeeze of lemon is not advised.

Turkish coffee, left, and baklava.

The Turkish coffee was a roller-coaster, but still surprisingly smooth and flavorful. Beware if you're an espresso lightweight. Once finished, dredging the sludgy dregs with the handle of my fork amused me so. Obviously not to be consumed, but might do in a pinch for eye black.

The visit would not have been complete without a taste of baklava. Sweet but not cloyingly so. No lack of walnuts within its phyllo confines. More filling than expected: split one with a friend.

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