Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's not Tiffany's, but Breakfast at Mullets is sure to please.

UPDATED Monday, December 12, 2011

Earlier in October, several Saturday morning visits to Mullets brought forth a cornucopia of breakfast delights to enjoy.

On my first visit I ordered up biscuits and gravy, a breakfast taco, and two breakfast sliders, one with bacon, and one with sausage to go for my four-legged canine pal, Okie. But that is another story [see blog post].

With scrambled egg, chunks of potato, cheese, and bacon enrobed in a flour tortilla, the breakfast taco is a simple eat with clean, definite flavors. Two salsas are offered alongside. The roja has a pleasant flavor of red chile, and sports a bit of a zesty kick in the throat. The more robust verde is decidedly the more picante of the duo.

The gravy atop the biscuits is replete with diced sausage patties, and has a savory, slow-cooked flavor. A good filling meal for a cold, blustery day.

The slider is one of the best breakfast deals I've found in a long time. With a full slice of bacon, its more than double the amount present on a lousy downtown Burger King breakfast sandwich. Scrambled egg is also abundant. And the soft dinner roll adds a pleasant sweetness to the sandwich. Order a bag to go for your next road trip, or to nosh at home in your underwear.

On my return, two weeks later, I ordered up the breakfast meatloaf, and a breakfast burrito.

First off, the breakfast meatloaf is covered in an addictive Monterey Jack sauce. It’s a breakfast rarebit! The pork meatloaf, accentuated with bacon, is firm, savory, and seasoned just right. Atop toasted biscuits and paired with eggs of your choice, it's a hearty dish. I’d recommend over easy for a decadent pairing of egg yolk and Jack cheese sauce.

The breakfast burrito is a melange of flavor and texture. Seriously sturdy, this is simple comfort food at its best. Big chunks of potato fix the need for starch. The savory blend of egg, chorizo and bacon is just grand. As with the taco, both roja and verde salsas come as sides. I like a good salsa, but I’d rather down them straight than adulterate this fine burrito.

On a cold, wet weekend in December I returned to Mullets to sample more of their breakfast fare [see blog post of previous visits].

The Jalapeño bacon is a pricey side but tasty nonetheless with a good zest in the throat. As much as I like the flavor, I'll save my money for another screwdriver.

The mushroom red pepper omelet has no shortage of mushrooms, but could use a boost in the red bell pepper department. Being so close I'd suggest getting some big-ass cans of roasted, peeled red bell peppers from Graziano's and employ liberally. The fontina cheese on top is a nice visual feast, but I have a fondness for cheese in the middle, where it can stay hot and melty a little longer. Overall a good omelet.

The side of hash browns sport a nice brown, crispy exterior, and an almost fluffy texture inside. Among the best bar hash browns in town. I passed on toast and upgraded to a grilled English muffin. Skip the butter and enjoy the crispness.

Next morning I ordered Eggs Benedict with streaky bacon as a substitute for Canadian bacon. Poached eggs had a thick runny yolk and the creamy Hollandaise sauce, was both bright and well seasoned. Spot on!

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