Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A greasy slice of comfort at Uncle Joe's Pizza.

UPDATE: Uncle Joe's Pizza has since closed.

Over the years when visiting Las Vegas, Uncle Joe’s Pizza has been my go-to place for a simple pizza for a lazy night in my hotel room worshipping the idiot box. On the latest occasion I ordered a pepperoni and onion, but my pizza came to me sans onion. An oversight for sure, but the pizza was none less enjoyable.

Thin, chewy, foldable crust. A decent veneer of cheese plus the pepperoni lends a satisfying oiliness that pairs well with the crust and the simple red sauce. I’ve never been disappointed, except for the niggling lack of onion on this current build.

For a quick bite, Uncle Joe’s offers two slices of cheese for four bucks. Enjoyed best standing outside in the company of street people enjoying their beverage of choice. Your preference may differ.

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Best Pizza in Las Vegas said...

I enjoy Uncle Joe's. We have it on our list of runner up best pizza places in Vegas. Definitely the best deal on pizza on the Strip. Been a lot of talk about Pop Up Pizza as well although I wasn't impressed when I tried it. Plan to give them another shot.