Friday, March 16, 2012

A quick bite at the Metro Deli & Café in Chicago's Union Station

For years I've passed by the Metro Deli & Café inside Chicago's Union Station and never once ventured in for a bite to eat. Having the luxury of time on my way out of town one lazy Friday morning I stopped by for a leisurely lunch.

On one side of the Metro Deli it's a cafeteria-style restaurant, the opposite a full-service island bar with table seating in-between. Moseying up to the soup pots I ladle myself a cup of chili and order up the Half Pound BLT sandwich with thick cut brown sugar cured bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, with black pepper mayo on a freshly baked Tuscan roll with a pickle spear.

The chili is thick like gravy. Even through the Tex-Mex spices there's even a beef gravy taste. Light on both meat and beans, it's still a hearty, spicy goo. This'll stick to your ribs, and never come off!

Lettuce and tomato don't offer much on the BLT, but the bacon is crisp and plentiful. Black pepper mayo stands out on the odd bite. The roll, similar to Jimmy John's French bread, is much softer to chew. This is how Jimmy John's should do BLT.

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