Sunday, September 9, 2012

A hearty appetite is a prerequisite for breakfast at Omaha's 11-Worth Cafe.

After a long train ride across Nebraska – punctuated with disturbing dreams – I disembarked in Omaha for a chilly, half-hour walk in the early morning darkness with a destination in mind… the 11-Worth Cafe.

The huge four-egg 11-Worth Omelet is chocked full of ham, bacon, and breakfast sausage with enough melted American cheese to bind the meaty ingredients together. A further slice of cheese with a sprinkle of the meat mélange rests atop, an appealing sign of what lies inside.

Along with the sizable omelet, the dish also comes with sides hash browns, country gravy with sausage, and choice of toast or baked good. The plentiful plank of hash browns is about par for brownness. The country gravy is peppery, with bits of sausage throughout. Dashes of Trappey's Red Devil sauce makes the perfect condiment for all the omelet's richness. Big English muffins from Omaha's own Rotella's Italian Bakery are a nice surprise and rather good.

With frequent refills of coffee and a pleasant, attentive server, all I needed was a second stomach for the interestingly-named Robert E. Lee, with sausage patties, biscuits and more of the 11-Worth's delicious gravy. I had to content myself with another visit, hopefully soon.

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