Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thin crust, doughy rind at Blind Onion Pizza & Pub.

On my second night in Reno I and my dining companion settle for dinner at Blind Onion Pizza & Pub in the Sierra foothills of the northwest corner of the city. We ordered a pizza to split with specialty builds for each half: one side a Breath Buster, the other a Margherita. My pal ordered a nice looking side salad, but the duo of long blonde hairs found were a bit unappetizing.

When the pizza is brought to our table what stands out at first glance is the large bready rind encircling the otherwise thin crust. The yeasty, doughy rind, more like a mall store pretzel, is soft and tasty with an appealing crisp exterior. Ranch dressing is offered as a dipping sauce but we passed on it. Each table sports a huge bottle of Sue Bee honey as another option to enjoy on the rind; pizza and dessert in one package.

The Breath Buster side, with linguisa, pepperoni, red onion and garlic is quite aromatic but the flavors are tame enough to appeal to most tastes. A satisfying, meaty build. The Margherita with a light red sauce, cooked Roma tomato and finely chiffonade-cut basil was a darn sight better than the Margherita we ate the previous day [see blog post], but I missed the flesh and brightness of fresh tomato. Given a favorite I give props to the Breath Buster.

Back in my hotel room for the evening, the leftovers didn't last long.

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