Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pigging out at the Wig and Pen

Wig and Pen started in Coralville back in the 90s, and since expanded to Iowa City's east side and to Ankeny as well a few years back. Road Tips has written up a history of Wig and Pen in Coralville on his blog.

Taking advantage of an early out from work several weeks ago I took the DART Ankeny Express up to Wig and Pen on S. Ankeny Blvd. to sample their pizza.

For an appetizer I ordered a full order of onion rings, and what an impressive nest it was. Thin, crispy strands, lightly battered. Just a bit oily with a few chewy rings cut from the outermost layer of onion, but otherwise tasty and plenty to share among friends.

For the main course I had a medium stuffed crust with pepperoni and garlic. Right off the bright tomato sauce on top excited my palate! The crust is tender and easily cut with a fork. The baking pan is greased with butter which helps to crisp the bottom and sides as well impart flavor, noticeably so when I munched on the rind. I was impressed!

Wig and Pen also serves up two other styles of pizza: a thin-crust; and the Flying Tomato, a pan version of their thin-crust with extra cheese on top and slices of tomato. I returned a month later for the latter.

On a medium Flying Tomato I ordered up a Union Jack, featuring Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion and sweet Italian peppers. A gooey, cheesy shroud lay atop a mound of toppings. Thin strips of red bell pepper lend a sweetness to this savory pie. Overall, a hefty slice and just plain good.

And after reading Road Tips glowing review of the Wigatoni, Wig and Pen's signature pasta dish, I know what I'll be trying the next time I can snag an early ride outbound on the Ankeny Express.

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