Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheers for cherry nougat candy bars!

Palmer's Twin Bing sports a subtlety flavored nougat tasting of bubble gum with a slight cherry flavor. Salty crushed peanuts dominate the exterior with a chocolatey undertone.

Chase's Cherry Mash offers much more pronounced cherry flavor. The chocolate coating exhibits a finer ground peanut, and plays second fiddle to the strongly flavored nougat.

Palmer's Twin Bing.
Chase's Cherry Mash.

Owyhee's Cherry Cocktail is aggressively peanutty: not salty, but sadly stale and dusty tasting, likely the result of a long shelf stay. The whole cherry within clearly offers more cherry flavor than the surrounding nougat. The chocolate is fairly unremarkable.

Christopher's (Adams & Brooks) Big Cherry provides the most chocolatey exterior of the four. Cherry flavor within is well balanced between the fruit and the chewy nougat.

Owyhee's Cherry Cocktail.
Christopher's Big Cherry.

The Big Cherry passes muster on all accounts. The Twin Bing, being more readily available in these parts, is a decent second choice.

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Unknown said...

I love all four of them, cause I love cherry and chocolate flavors together! I think you must have just gotten an old Cherry Cocktail, cause I've ordered them by the box directly from the Idaho Candy Co. (Owyhee) and they've been "fresh as a daisy" (and delicious!). Nothing stale or "musty" at all.