Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ox Yoke Innterstate: Comfort food on the highway.

UPDATE: Ox Yoke Innterstate has since closed, but the Ox Yoke Inn in nearby Amana remains in business.

Just before Christmas a back injury curtailed my holiday vacation plans. After a night's rest in Iowa City, I was rescued by an associate driving over from Des Moines. After several hours on the road stuck in traffic jams, both in Coralville and out on the interstate, we pulled into the Ox Yoke Innterstate outside of Williamsburg for some much needed comfort food.

We ordered the Traditional [Fried] Chicken and Bratwurst & Knackwurst Platter, but first up on our table was bread with housemade strawberry jam and chilled bowls of cottage cheese with chives and an apple & grape salad.

The fruit salad was thickly coated with salad dressing: a rather heavy starter for the feast to follow. The cottage cheese tweaked up with chives was more enjoyable enough to ask for a refill.

The fried chicken looked phenomenally crisp and juicy from across the table. On my platter, the juicy knackwurst with a hint of garlic was my favorite over the reasonably decent bratwurst. Hot German potato salad exhibited a pleasing sweet and sour taste, but it was the sides of Ox Yoke's skin-on mashed potatoes and beef gravy that floated my boat. I couldn't get enough!

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