Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Super Killers and Pepper Jack Cheese Balls and Chorizo Tenderloins! Oh, my!

Returning to B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli after my previous visits [see blog post], I was hankering for a Killer deli sandwich… a Super Killer Sandwich. So big it comes in the bag the one-pound loaf of Krispy Krust bread came in!

Wanting a custom build, I asked for pepperoni, salami, bologna with provolone and pepper jack cheeses. All together with lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard the sandwich had to top the scale around three pounds. I dug in with gusto but gave up the ghost halfway through. Fortunately I had backup for the remainder.

A few weeks later I would sample a child's portion, according to Andrew Zimmern, of B&B's pepper jack cheese balls. Creamier than cheddar, the taste of zesty jack lingers in the mouth. Along with the cheese balls I tucked into a tidy, moist Italian grinder. More sausage would have been nice, but otherwise the flavor is comforting. On the spicy side of kid-friendly.

Emboldened I try one more sandwich, a tenderloin breaded with chorizo seasonings. With a crispier crust than B&B's regular tenderloin, the flavor is subtly spicy. With some cheddar cheese along with lettuce and tomato they should call it a tacolion. B&B also offers a tenderloin spiced with Italian seasonings.

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