Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little John's Burgers: Fast-food without all the B.S.

In the 41 years Little John's Burgers has operated out of a failed Kentucky Roast Beef at 3702 Second Ave. [see note below], they've had no need for creepy clowns or guys in tights to hawk their simple menu of burgers, pork tenders, fries, onion rings, and shakes. Although I do admit a fondness for Hardee's biscuit sandwiches and the cute redhead on Wendy's commercials of late.

What Little John's does have is a loyal customer base, spanning several generations. And in a world populated with cut-throat corporate fast-food chains with menu selections expanding faster than the average American waistline, Little John's is a welcome oasis.

Little John's cheeseburger: If the wrapper says DELICIOUS then it must be. Nothing fancy, nor does it need be.

The Big John. Essentially a Big Mac sans the middle bun; the dressing is a little more tart. Both a bonus in my book.

Paper-thin bacon on the bacon cheeseburger. Wasn't lacking for slices though, but the poor bacon was drowned in ketchup. The opposite side fared better with a juicy slice of tomato.

Shoestring fries are hot, golden and crispy. Exceptionally good! I'd make a guess they're deep fried in small batches.

NOTE: I've not found a single person who remembers the Kentucky Roast Beef franchises on Second Ave., and on the southeast corner of E. 29th & Euclid. An offshoot of Kentucky Fried Chicken, they briefly operated around 1970, but quickly failed. The latter location's building sat fallow for years before being razed; its sign poles stood at the site for many years afterward. Little John's had the foresight to re-purpose the sign to fit their need, and create a Highland Park neighborhood icon.

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