Monday, July 15, 2013

A good day along Virginia St., featuring the Atomic burger at Midtown Eats
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 4

Tuesday, May 7

On my first full morning in Reno my pal Yvonne treats me to lunch at Midtown Eats. The wild mushroom soup is creamy and flavorful, with little kick of black pepper. A drizzle of good olive oil adds a complimentary richness. Yvonne had sweet potato fries with a burger, I went for a side-salad.

The Atomic burger features a superb habanero-spiked grass-fed beef patty topped with avocado, and a charred tomato salsa. Zippy but the habanero's fruity aspects are masked by the deeply-flavored tomato salsa.

Well fed I leave Yvonne to the horrors of wage servitude while I take a brief walk along the Riverwalk, a good place to watch street people smoke weed. Another fun activity is to avoid being noticed by the mentally ill. One bonus adjacent to the Riverwalk is the downtown multi-screen theater, where I retired for a showing of Iron Man 3 with a box of Junior Mints.

Afterward I stumble on to Ceol Irish Pub on S. Virginia where unlike the majority of Nevada bars, one could enjoy an alcoholic beverage without inhaling a smog bank of second-hand smoke. A couple of high-end Irish whiskeys and a pint of Sierra Nevada Torpedo capped a fine afternoon.

Later I have Yvonne drop me off at Nik-N-Willie's Take-N-Bake Pizza, located on the southern edge of Reno [see blog post]. Later that evening… seven slices of pizza + half a personal-sized calzone + two pints and a bottle of beer + two whiskeys = four Tums after midnight.

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