Sunday, July 14, 2013

Omaha to Salt Lake City aboard Amtrak
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 2

Saturday, May 4

On my first overnight on the California Zephyr heading west I listen to Artie Lange Show podcasts all through the long black night of Nebraska.

Sunrise comes in northeast Colorado, somewhere east of Fort Morgan. I wet my hair back to look presentable. I could take a shower aboard if I wanted too, but the stall is tiny, the water pressure can vary, and you get throttled about like Spam in a can. Breakfast this morning had some misses: runny egg whites and a sodded whole wheat biscuit.

At Denver I took the opportunity to admire a private dome car parked at the end of the station platform. Further stops through Colorado that afford some time outside include Fraser, Glenwood Springs, and Colorado Junction. Along the way I took a few photos. The weather improved immeasurably from the last throes of winter I had left behind in Iowa. In Glenwood Springs it was 69° for the seven minutes I spent there, basking in the sun.

Having normally traveled on the Zephyr along the Colorado River in colder months, I note the standard procedure for springtime river rafters to show off their ass cheeks to passing passenger trains. Sadly, no frontals.

That evening I pass on a bothersome dinner with total strangers and opt to snag a couple of vegan burgers from the cafe car. The burgers are more like a seasoned loose-meat than a patty. The cafe car attendant ruins them by microwaving the sandwiches, bread and all. It renders the bun into a soggy, chewy disaster. I grab as many condiments I deem fit to improve the taste.

A late night stopover in Salt Lake City affords a long, leisurely walk along the length of the platform, enjoying the cool, breezy night.

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