Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent Bites at Ankeny's Wig and Pen

A meaty Carnivore stuffed crust with Italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and a considerable amount of Canadian bacon.

From left: A thin-crust Pub Special. The thin-crust has become my favorite of all Wig and Pen's pizza styles; and a side salad with crisp vegetables. The house Creamy Parmesan dressing is thick, smooth, garlicky and sweet.

A Flying Tomato, i.e., a thin-crust pizza with high sides, a thick cap of cheese, and topped with tomato slices. Toppings under the cheese are customizable.

A thin-crust with pepperoni and onion, cut tavern-style.

Tomato basil ravioli soup with Italian sausage. Mushy pasta is a surprising disappointment. Seeking to turn things around after the soup I ordered a Pizookie for dessert: a chocolate chip cookie baked in a bowl, then topped with vanilla ice cream.

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