Saturday, January 24, 2015

Everything Hashbrowns and Skillets aplenty at the Waveland Cafe.

Visits to the Waveland Cafe remind me why it still remains a popular place on Des Moines' west side for a no-nonsense breakfast. The crowds who frequent the place – often waiting in lines out through the front door – aren’t my cup of tea so I try to arrive as early as possible.

Waveland's signature dish, the Everything Hashbrowns, are fairly satisfying with ham, green pepper, jalapeño, onion, tomato, mushroom, and slices of Swiss and American processed cheese. Accessorizing it with fried eggs completes the package.

The Mexi Best Skillet is a plank of crispy hash browns resting on a bed of seasoned ground beef, diced green bell peppers, onions and jalapeños, with choice of egg atop, adorned with shredded cheese. The scrambled egg I ordered was light and fluffy. Hash browns were first rate.

Still feeling peckish I set into a half-order of biscuits and gravy. Nice grill on the cut side of the biscuit. Delicious, well seasoned gravy, accentuated with chunks of breakfast sausage. The peppery bite builds with each forkful.

The KYR Monster Skillet combines diced ham, taco-seasoned ground beef, green pepper, jalapeño, mushroom, and onion; then topped with a plank of crispy hash browns capped with sliced American cheese and shredded cheddar. The Skillet comes with optional sour cream and salsa, that I elected to trick out a side of scrambled eggs and an English muffin. That was an inspired move, IMHO.

Of late I’ve had the displeasure of being offered packets of powdered non-dairy creamer in some local eateries that I wouldn’t have expected to. I’m happy to report there’s no steenkin' powdered creamer served at the Waveland.

On one visit I bought a bottle of the house table condiment, Rickey's World Famous Louisiana Hot Sauce. Much thicker than most bottled Louisiana-style hot sauces, and far less vinegary or salty than Tabasco, its a superior product and my new gold standard for the variety.

Waveland's Best Skillet, with hash browns, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, hot peppers, melted cheese, is fine but doesn't rate as high in my book as does the Mexi Best or KYR Monster Skillets. For simpler fare, a plank hash browns with melted cheese slices, and a pair of eggs over easy easily satisfies a lesser appetite.

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Jeni Flaa said...

I first visited Des Moines six years ago to see my old roomate. She took me to the Waveland Cafe and I've always remembered how much I enjoyed my breakfast. At that time, I was surprised to see real, griddled jalapenos and loved it.