Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Positively perfect pies personify Parlo Pizza.

On the Twitter advice of George Formaro I made a pilgrimage today to the Iowa State Fair for the sole purpose of sampling the wood-fired oven baked pizza at Parlo Pizza's stand near Grandfather's Barn on the east side of the Fairgrounds. And by sample I mean to say I scarfed down two of their eight-inch pies.

First and foremost the crust the excellent, with a crispy bottom speckled with spots of char and a soft, bubbly top. The contrast of textures is appealing! I'd eat the crust by itself with a brush of good olive oil. The lone slice below middle is from the Pizza Mattina that I ordered well done. If you like it like that, they're happy to oblige that and other requests (within reason; don't be that guy).

The Pizza Margherita is as simple a build as it can be made; the familiar flavors of tomato and basil are present with ebbs and flows per bite.

The Pizza Mattina features a magnificent family recipe sausage. It sports a deep coloring I normally associate with Pella bologna, and offers plenty of flavor and a robust zest that lingers in the mouth without wiping out your taste buds with heat. I'd willingly forgo pepperoni on a pizza for more of this heirloom sausage.

Parlo's isn't just a Fair-time treat. You can also find them pitching their wood-oven pizzas at the farmers' markets in Beaverdale and Valley Junction. Go soon! Both seasons end in September.

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