Monday, November 3, 2014

Crappy Megabus ride, sidewalk art, sign blunder, plus breakfast at Lisa's Radial Cafe.

Summertime visits to Omaha, Part 1;
July 19, 2014

Many fails for the Megabus en route to Omaha for a day trip. The bus was running bus, the Megabus iPhone app wouldn't give the arrival time for said late bus, and once aboard I found the AC wasn't working. It was still quite dark out as the bus left the Metro. I was hoping to catch some sleep on the trip over, but intolerably bright night lights above the seats made napping difficult. Then while taking a leak in the toilet, a jolt nearly flew me backwards out of the stall with Little Beavis in view. Megabus needs better door locks.

Arriving in Omaha shortly after 7 a.m. I had a choice for transportation to my breakfast destination, either by Omaha Metro or by foot. Feeling the need for some exercise I opted for the 30+ block walk. Walking down Cuming Street I found an amusing scrawl in the concrete sidewalk, along with an unfortunate misspelling in a convenience store's name. Makes one wonder where their mind was when they were crafting the sign?

At Lisa's Radial Cafe on N. 40th just south of Cuming I ordered up the Chicken Fried Steak Skillet and at the advice of my server an Elvis pancake, albeit a small one.

The Chicken Fried Steak Skillet featured a plank of hash browns topped with Swiss cheese, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, chicken fried steak, and two eggs of your choice. The portion was certainly big but blonde hash browns and wan gravy were a bit of a disappointment. The Elvis, a buttermilk pancake with peanut butter chips, bacon, and bananas, tasted fantastic! Syrup on this would be a crime.

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