Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Recent pizzas: Mad Meatball and Bianchi's Hilltop.

The Supreme at Mad Meatball with pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, black olive, and banana pepper. Briny, salty flavors dominated this build. A thin red sauce provided a solid backbone. The crust is very thin, exceedingly foldable, and much moister than your average tavern-cut pizza, with crispness confined to the very rim. Carving out the honeypot (center) slices takes some patience as the cheese along with the toppings are prone to sliding off. A good pizza overall.

A simple meatball pizza at Mad Meatball offered a flavor surprisingly reminiscent of garlic butter. Hearty pieces of meatball lent a sausage-like chew that was most appealing.

Pizza at Bianchi's Hilltop Restaurant isn't complete without salad and onion rings. Creamy Parmesan dressing was smooth and sweet. Onion rings were thin, crisp and hardly oily, but came to the table on the cool side. The remaining dregs would make an excellent salad topper, if you can resist eating the salad first.

An old favorite of mine at Bianchi's, the Meat Lovers' with capicola, pepperoni, ground beef and Italian sausage didn't slouch on the meats, but the crust was limp right up to the edge and even moister than Mad Meatball's square-cut slices, exacerbating topping slide. I've had better here, though its been four years since my last visit [see blog post].

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