Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fast Times at the Des Moines Social Club

The media came a calling! Djonuts' Joe Formaro whipped up frosting for a KCCI News segment, filmed at Capes Kafé. The Something Italian T-shirt Joe wore was badass. The colors practically glowed!

At Capes Kafé, from right: Not tipping is highly illogical; Despite being legless, Godzilla rules the castle; Watching Man of Steel from the cheap seats.

Artwork at Viaduct Gallery.

At Capes Kafé, from right: Star Wars magnets from The Sara Initiative on sale; "Three were AWOL!"; Mugging with Travis.

Catering for Djonuts' start-up fundraiser party at the Des Moines Social Club, Chef George Formaro of Malo cobbled up an epic coney sauce, served atop all-beef hot dogs. Later, I was graced with a Mother-in-law sandwich featuring a Malo fresh masa pork tamale nestled within. Make it stop!

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