Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Firetrucker heralds the summer, and their first anniversary, with seasonal brews.

Firetrucker Brewery's Tropical Burn Double Mango IPA, left, is loaded with hoppy, citrusy aromas and flavors. and a pleasing bitterness. The 'burn' is the 9.1% ABV, but you won't notice it. The Ladder 317 Irish Style Cream Ale, right, provides a creamy head and a light body that's bright with a kiss of bitterness. A perfect beer for the spring when many slough off heavy stouts and porters for lighter beverages.

Another bright beer, especially suited for warmer weather, is the Honey Brewbarb, left. Honey notes flow smoothly over the palate, with some rhubarb bitterness on the finish. Right, drinking the color spectrum while reacquainting with Firetrucker's core beers. You can go home again.

Returning just in time for the dog days is the Cat in a Tree Ginger, left, the perfect brew for a hangover, according to anonymous sources. So light and clear, with a palate pleasing base of ginger. The Lemon Cooler, right, pairs Firetrucker's Steam Engine with lemonade. Oh… its summer in Bavaria, quaffing a refreshing radler.

For snacking Cruisin' Cuisine Catering of Ankeny Cruisin' BBQ kettle-style potato chips, left, are perfect with a Steam Engine. Also available in Spicy Cruisin' flavor, center. The best pizza is gifted leftovers, especially a slice of the Bubbie from nearby Leaning Tower of Pizza, right, with Italian sausage, pepperoni, sauerkraut, plus bacon on the build I enjoyed.

A happy occasion to note is Firetrucker Brewery's First Anniversary, a celebration coinciding with the Fourth of July. Festivities begin at 2 p.m. with ribs, chicken, and other American favorites available from Honeybadger BBQ, while throughout the day Firetrucker will be re-releasing every beer they have made in the past year. An excellent opportunity to revisit their magnficent black walnut ale, plus a limited small batch of Darth (cherry) Porter will be availble. Bands, a fire baton show, giveaways, a bags competition, and more antics are in store for the day.

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