Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summertime releases at Madhouse Brewing.

Sampling a quartet of Madhouse Brewing's IPAs. From left: Hopburst, an everyday beer; Iowa Hops, deep caramel flavors; SpaceJam, tongue curling; and summer friendly Woolly Bugger.

From left, Madhouse's expansive range of sours: Satori Saison, dry and cider-like; AM Haze, soft and fruity, but still bright; Sour Diesel, deep dried fruits macerated in white wine vinegar; Blue Dream, subtle blueberry flavor that's bright and refreshing; Cherry Diesel, a collaboration with CIB Brewery, sports a luscious tart cherry flavor. Exceptional sours!

Heady Barleywine, left. 10.5 ABV, 50 IBU. Aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels. Subtle banana, solid caramel; an ale to be sipped. Hoppelganger, right. A light, summertime IPA made with Iowa-grown hops and barley. 5.5% ABV, 40 IBU.

Barrel conditioned Biere Des Moines. Dry, uniquely funky. Quite good.

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