Saturday, November 28, 2015

Muy bien, Malo.

A trio of pupusas. Thick corn masa tortillas, filled with pork shoulder and cheese, served with sides of curtido (slaw) and salsa. Browned and with a more defined crust than what I normally expect for a pupusa. A pupusa should yield to a fork; these require more effort. The pork and cheese filling is rather mild. I generally prefer pupusas stuffed with either spinach leaves or loroco, an edible flower native to Mexico and Central America.

Chef Matt's Spaghetti Gordo, with Mexican and Spanish chorizos, bacon, garlic crema, roasted peppers, corn, tomato, queso fresco, cilantro, and tortilla crumbles. Corn entices in aroma and flavor along with a mildly-pungent queso base. The principals of this dish – spaghetti pasta al dente and a loose, yet creamy garlic queso sauce – never play second fiddle to the rest of the orchestra. That said, zesty, toothsome cubes of Spanish chorizo are a significant compliment, if not ranking equal billing. I longed for a flour tortilla to sop up the remainders in my bowl. ¡Bueno!

Fried Brussels sprouts, with queso fresco, pickled Anaheim chiles, pumpkin seeds, and aioli. If only our mothers would have made sprouts like this! Outer leaves are crispy, while the interior is much like the roasted variety, with an appealing crunch.

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Cory said...

Malo is fantastic. I would recommend the drunken beans.