Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Hour is the best hour to visit Akebono

Asparagus at Akebono: Bacon-wrapped asparagus; and Apara Niku Maki with rib eye-wrapped asparagus, glazed in soy mirin. Tidy appetizers for body and spirit.

Akebono's namesake edamame in butter, garlic, soy sauce. I like an appetizer that involves squeezing and sucking. Also, deep-fried pork dumplings are top rate! So crisp and flavorful.

The art of deep-frying: The Kara-Age Bacon, with togarashi mayo, has more crisp and flavor in the breading than the bacon it surrounds, while in contrast, the tofu fries are quite good!

Cocktails excel at Akebono: The Colorado Bulldog features Stoli vodka, Brown Jug bourbon and St. Brendan's Irish cream liqueurs, with a splash of cola; A standard Old Fashioned made with Maker's Mark bourbon, a dash of bitters, a pinch of sugar, plus cherry and orange for garnish.

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