Sunday, June 26, 2016

Random Bits of Bar Detritus

Loo-lah, left, the housemade coffee liqueur at The Lift. A sensuous mixture of vodka, molasses, coffee grounds, simple syrup. Surly Brewing's Coffee Bender oatmeal brown ale, right, is as close you can get to a cold-press toddy, with beer. Excelsior!

A goblet of Fox Brewing's Fox Tail, left. See how erudite the schmuck holding it looks? Stavropol [barrel-aged] Russian Imperial Stout at Confluence Brewing, right. Starts funky, then gives way to roasted malt.

A pair of pickled eggs at Hessen Haus, left. Don't knock it until you try it. 'Special-needs' drinking at Firetrucker Brewery, right.

At the Beaver Tap I only received a single peanut, left, for my quarter spent. And it was rancid. The saddest thing one can imagine: Guinness in a plastic tumbler, right. Courtesy of the Court Ave. Mickey's Irish Pub.

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