Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flying under the radar in Las Vegas

Discount Chucks from the Converse outlet store, left. A flight of house beers, right, at Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery. Tasting notes, from left: Brewmaster's Special – malty with bitter finish; Black Chip – roasted malt; High Roller Gold – bright, crisp, even refreshing; Marker Pale Ale – light hoppiness; Royal Red lager – tangy.

A six-buck slice, and huge too, of Picante at Pizza Rock Las Vegas, left, with pepperoni, linguiƧa, chorizo, banana pepper, green onion, ricotta, and Cholula hot sauce. I'd gleefully eat this on a regular basis! The crust is chewy, pliant, and foldable. Right, six varieties of slices available.

Left, what happens when toilets go unisex. Death before decaf, right. At Emergency Arts Collective and The Beat Coffee House and Records.

Looking east down the Fremont East District, left. The Mantis, right, a 40-foot-long steel mantis that shoots fire from its antennae, outside the Downtown Container Park.

Things found at Big Lots: Hulk swag, left, yes; cotton candy-flavored puffed corn balls, center, no. Buffet at Mount Everest India's Cuisine, right. Mind you, Everest isn't located in India.

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