Friday, November 18, 2016

Korean Cheetos!

Found two varieties of Korean Cheetos at New Oriental Food Store in the East Village. If you're expecting anything remotely cheesy, forget it. Their base flavor tastes like a sweet corn muffin, but in the form of Cheetos. Both varieties sampled start off sweet and remain so even as their respective spices wane. Various sugars rate prominently in the ingredient list. And just like a classic box of Cracker Jack, each bag comes with a toy surprise. One being a fairly stable top, and the other looking much like an X-Wing fighter.

Spicy, on the left, do exhibit some zest, but nothing close to what I'd consider hot. Barbecue, right, are downright thought provoking with a smoky hint of caramel going on, both in flavor and aroma. Think of Cracker Jack caramel with liquid smoke.

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