Thursday, February 23, 2017

Casks and a 'Pink Taco' at Firetrucker Brewery

Left, a raspberry-cask Cat In A Tree ginger beer at Firetrucker Brewery. Ginger nose prevalent, fruit/ginger combo shines with this very drinkable beer. 4.0% ABV, zero IBU. An apple-cinnamon cask-infused 2 Alarm [Imperial] Red, center. A scoop of vanilla ice cream would make for an awesome float. Yin and yang interconnect with this wildly experimental cask of peanut butter doppelbock, right.

If you dig Ĺ«ber-dark cacao bars, you'll adore the Paradox 40 black IPA, left. Hits the palate, but with a subtler intensity thanks in part to a touch of vanilla bean. 8.1% ABV, 78 IBU. A delicious Ladder 317 Irish cream ale, center, harkens back my youth when I pounded growlers of Little Kings cream ale. Malty, dry on hops, creamy smooth mouthfeel. 6.3% ABV. $#^&!(% you in the face with a Pink Taco, right, Firetrucker's 12.5% ABV cranberry ginger beer. Deceptive zing commands respect. Zero IBU. Usually crops up about once or twice a year.

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