Thursday, March 23, 2017

Random Bites of Sweets

Left, pistachio and hazelnut gelatos from Centro's stand at last year's Italian-American Heritage Festival of Iowa. Nutty taste and minutely crumbly texture. Made with nut meal perhaps? A taste of civility at Chocolaterie Stam, center. Tip: don't buy bonbons in a gift box but purchase simply bagged for savings you can taste! Limoncello gelato, right, from Chocolaterie Stam. Cool, creamy, and tangy. Take note: contains alcohol.

Left, a trifecta of holiday Djonuts: chocolate peppermint buttercream, sugar cookiebutter, and egg nog. A now rare treat! A surprise Hurts Donut for breakfast, center and right. Generously sized and moist, but way too sweet for my palate. Need to try one sans frosting, if they sell'em like that. Hiland Bakery still tops my list for Donuts in the DSM.

Left, Chocolate-Strawberry: its the Flaming Asshole of Oreos. Smooth, rich chocolate milk from Sheeder Cloverleaf Dairy, right. It will spoil you for all others.

Left, a Napoleon from Strudl Haus. Crisp puff pastry, silky vanilla creme, generous dusting of powdered sugar. I'd suggest not wearing black while eating though. Right, pastries and Dutch Letters from Strudl Haus now available at Capes Kafé. Featuring cherry, raspberry, almond paste, and apricot flavors.

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