Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Bites of Ankeny

The SweatShop, a new business located in Uptown Ankeny, specializes in all things hot, from sauces and salsas to seasonings and snacks. Items sold come in varying levels of heat from mild to extreme. Of note is a fair selection of wing and barbecue sauces, and locally made products. On my visit there I bought a bottle of Lola's Fine Hot Sauce!

Brandmeyer's LottaPop popcorn offers a wide variety of flavors, some quite unusual. Creamy Dill was rather good. Ate three bags in one sitting though. Oof! Brandmeyer's can also be found at the Downtown Farmers' Market along Court Ave. in Des Moines.

Civilization: a Bloody Mary with a beerback, left, at the Yankee Clipper in Uptown Ankeny. I love the deep-fried Clipper Burger, center. Slap it on a plate, douse it country gravy, and I'd call it chicken fried steak. Also pictured a side of Cajun-seasoned frips. Crisp, zesty, but also salty. I'll try the unseasoned variety next time. Right, another Clipper Burger, but this time with plain frips. Best thick-cut potato chips you'll ever enjoy fresh from the fryer.

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