Monday, June 19, 2017

Breakfast and beverages in Omaha

I may have been late on my arrival in Omaha, but the timing was perfect to catch a city bus not far from the Amtrak station. This saved me the usual mile walk to where I would catch a bus bound for the Benson neighborhood. There I settled into Leo's Diner for breakfast.

Sombrero Eggs at Leo's Diner, below left, feature hash browns topped with red chili con carne and green chile sauce, cheddar, two eggs, plus choice of toast. I put aside my fork for a spoon. Over-medium eggs cut cleanly, both red and green salsas were delicious! A tortilla sopped up the remains.

As usual after breakfast at Leo's, I walked a few doors east to Aromas for a beverage and some down time. On my way from Benson to Crossroads Mall I stumbled across Crane Coffee, a little more than a half-mile from the Megabus stop. I relaxed there with a smooth iced coffee, above right, before leaving town.

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