Monday, June 5, 2017

Eats and sleep on the cheap in Sparks

The Nugget Casino Resort, was my home for the four nights I spent in Sparks. Affordable without being sketchy, its a bargain for a casino hotel in the Reno area. The lone lament is not being close to my usual haunts, but the nearby RTC Centennial Plaza station makes taking a bus around town quite easy. And there is a small bar and restaurant scene a few blocks away in Victorian Square.

You do have to mind the noise of Interstate 80, under which much of the casino sprawls under. If quiet is a must then stay elsewhere, otherwise stick the Yelp reviews up your mother lode.

A little further away on Pyramid Way I found several occasions to pop into an In-N-Out Burger for some quick evening meals.

On my first night in town and being quite road weary, I pounded a couple of Double-Doubles. Foolishly I had forgotten that I usually order a pair of single-patty cheeseburgers and not these relative behemoths. A post-meal hibernation was required.

Several days later I returned for well done French fries and a chocolate milkshake. The fries were excellent, but in my alcohol-fueled hunger I topped it all off with an egg salad sandwich from the 7-Eleven next door. I'm still quite surprised that I dropped a few pounds on this trip.

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