Friday, June 9, 2017

Odds and ends in Las Vegas

With leftover pizza, bourbon cream liqueur, stinky oils, and a visit to IKEA where my hosts did pick up some cinnamon rolls while shopping for display cases, but nary an opportunity to score some Swedish meatballs.

Upon my arrival from Reno I was beat and more than amenable to leftover pizza, left, a magnificent Vegetarian Special from Anthony and Mario's Broadway Pizzeria. Excellent Neapolitan crust; Sicilian also available. Headframe Spirits' Orphan Girl bourbon cream liqueur, right, is a world class spirit. Amazingly rich! Paired with root beer over ice makes for a darn fine 'float'.

Left, When you want your home to smell like spittle and skin. Now you're just fucking with us, IKEA, right.

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