Monday, January 17, 2011

Fatburger: You eat big, you crap big.

Feeling the need to feed I wandered into this location on The Strip, across the street from the new Mandarin Oriental. Fatburger, a national chain based out of southern California, serves up made-to-order burgers both large and small. Burgers bad-for-you and those more healthy. But mostly of the large, bad-for-you variety.

Having skipped breakfast I opted for something akin to brunch and ordered up a Kingburger. On the Fatburger scale of sandwiches – Baby Fat, Fatburger, Kingburger, Double King and Triple King – it puts me right in the middle for indulgence. But with the addition of cheese, bacon and a fried egg, the heart attack factor is clearly doubled. Chili is also another optional add-on, if I were a little bit more foolhardy.

Healthier options other than ground beef are chicken, ground turkey and Boca burger.

The Kingburger is an awesome sandwich with all the fixins’ in its own right, but the additions took it over the top. I needed a bib for the fried egg grease that dripped off the wrapper and onto my shirt.

My lone lament was the limpness of the bacon. I don’t know if my order was rushed or if you need to specify crispy when ordering. That question will have to be answered another time.

Fatburger on Urbanspoon Photos from the Picasa Web Album: Holiday trip 2010

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