Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Went To Las Vegas and All I Got Was These Lousy Pairs of Chuck Taylors

Monday, December 27, 2010

Woke up sometime after 3 am. Likely booze-related, but easily could be that I was still operating on Central Time.

Once again… back on Fremont East.

Nice people at The Beat Coffeehouse on the corner of Fremont & Sixth. An eclectic joint, cobbled-together without the kitschy crap you find adoring places like Java Joes or Smokey Row back in Iowa. I only stayed long enough to meet and greet with the baristas and get a joe to go.

Not too long afterward, gal pal Barb picked me up for breakfast with family at Charlie's Down Under (1950 N. Buffalo Drive). Charlie’s is typical of the casino/bar/restaurants where the locals go to eat. Good food and accommodating staff that treats regulars and the occasional newbie just fine.

On recommendation I split a made-to-order broccoli and cheese omelet with a side of home fries with onions, peppers and cheese. A good splash of hot sauce and I was ready to dig in.

After breakfast, Barb and I drove down south of The Strip to the Las Vegas Outlet Center to hunt down some clearance Chuck Taylor hi-tops. Last time I was here I walked away with six for $14.99 a pair [see YouTube video].

Breakfast at Charlie's Down Under.
My Vegas bling.

Since then the price had increased by five bucks a pair and the selection was limited for my size. I did find a multi-pink-shaded pair as along with a fluorescent orange at the Converse outlet store, and a Grateful Dead-themed pair at another store for the same price.

Lunch time! Barb and I hooked up with Al for buffet lunch at Mount Everest India's Cuisine (3641 W. Sahara Ave.). Par for Indian buffet. I could have eaten more but saved my appetite for dinner.

Feeling full after two decent meals Barb and I needed a walk. After a bit of searching and head-scratching we found a recently-opened urban trail at Angel Park. A little too urban for my taste it runs in-between the fence of a city-run golf course and some new development, then crosses a busy street to find oneself surrounded my more fencing, sandwiched between the golf course and a resort casino. The chill in the air and the less-than-inspiring scenery made us cut short completing the entire trail.

We finished off the afternoon catching a screening of Tron: Legacy 3D at one of the casino theaters on the northwest side of town.

Dinner was leftovers from Barb and Al’s family Christmas feed, but with a twist towards Al’s New Mexican heritage. Enchilada casserole, cheese & corn tamales, chile relleno casserole, queso, Spanish rice, sopes, etc., etc. Best Christmas dinner I’ve had in a long, long while, even if it was a couple days late. ¡Bueno!

Charlie's Down Under on Urbanspoon Photos from the Picasa Web Album: Holiday trip 2010

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