Friday, May 27, 2011

It's war on the streets of Chicago! Cupcake war!

I found these two cupcake trucks, parked side by side on W. Kinzie, across the street from Merchandise Mart in Chicago's River North neighborhood.

After waiting for some high-maintenance mother and her effluence to make up their minds on what to buy, explain what they wanted in an understandable fashion, then spend more countless minutes paying for their purchase, I was able to size up the glamorous, refined looking cupcakes created by more. A window display of their offerings, just below the counter, was genius.

The little boy inside this middle-aged man craved chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, but I resisted such urges to sample the nifty named Gin & Juice cupcake. Indeed this white cupcake sported a center moistened with gin, which tickled me greatly. The frosting, though smooth, was not as appealing as the eye catching strips of candied orange peel on top, and were a joy to pick off and eat before delving in.

Next I tried the more homespun cupcakes offered by Cupcakes For Courage. Looking at their chalkboard menu of specials, I went for the Sweet Potato Pie. Though lacking in alcohol, their cupcake pleased my taste buds with spices reminiscent of Thanksgiving dessert. And the buttercream frosting was as creamy as I could ever hope for it to be.

more's Gin & Juice.
Cupcakes For Courage's Sweet Potato Pie.

more has an edge in sophistication and presentation, but Cupcakes For Courage appeals with comfort food satisfaction.

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Laura said...

Hi slakingfool, I was doing my periodic 'google' search of 'cupcakes for courage' and noticed your blog...I really like it! It was nice meeting you and I am glad you enjoyed the Sweet Potato Pie :) continue to enjoy your travels!