Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PerKup Café's Breakfast Fusion. Meh.

UPDATE: PerKup Café has since moved to Governors Square at 2700 University Ave. in West Des Moines. PerKup Café no longer offers the Breakfast Fusion on their menu. Revisiting their hash browns a year later, I found them to be quite superior [see blog post].

On Day Two of my extended Fourth of July Weekend staycation I had a yen for a breakfast mashup. My choices were the PerKup Café in Urbandale, or the Home Plate Diner across the street from the Fairgrounds. I let the luck of what bus showed up first decide my direction of travel.

Twenty minutes later, after settling on the westbound No. 4, I was walking down Douglas west of Merle Hay Road. Blinded by the sunny morning, I looked for a place to snag a new pair of sunglasses and came across the new Casey’s on the corner of 61st St.

A menu in transition.

With sunglasses in hand and a quick nosh of breakfast pizza [see blog post] I continued my trek to the PerKup Café, on the corner of 70th.

I placed my order at the counter and took a table to wait for my breakfast, the Breakfast Fusion, described on a cached Korean Facebook page as “3 eggs scrambled together with onion, mushroom, peppers and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage then topped with cheese and served over a bed of crispy hash browns & side of toast.” I mention this since I can no longer find this menu item on their current Facebook page, nor can I locate the menu image that I had found back in June which piqued my interest in the Breakfast Fusion in the first place.

The Breakfast Fusion wasn't unpleasant, but the hash browns were pale and the dish didn’t seem to sport much bacon. Otherwise the eggs, veggies and cheese were up to par.

Afterward I went back home, a little dejected. Later, on a whim to rescue the day, I bused out to West Des Moines for lunch at NYC Pizza Café [see blog post], followed by libations at Giff Wagner's 5th Street Pub.

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