Friday, July 1, 2011

Breakfast pizza: There can be only one!

Casey's veggie breakfast pizza.

Most peoples’ idea of breakfast pizza comes from their nearby Casey’s General Store. To be fair it’s not bad, and is considerably more satisfying than a microwaved breakfast burrito.

The veggie pizza slice I recently enjoyed from the Casey’s at 6120 Douglas had a fair share of olives, peppers, mushrooms, and a passable amount of egg, but the cheese does come off a tad salty and margarine-like tasting. A bit off putting for my taste buds, but acceptable for most American palates.

Something Italian, a weekday lunch favorite located on the Skywalk in the old Hotel Kirkwood, saw an opportunity with the downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market, offering up a decidedly improved take on breakfast pizza.

Something Italian’s crust is chewy, but the edges can be rather crunchy. Toppings on the veggie pizza are plentiful and fresh tasting. Slices of roma tomato pop with brightness, and the green and black olives are a pleasant flavor standout.

S.I.’s meat trio sports ham, bacon, and pepperoni. Excellent bacony flavor: the diced ham reinforces this. The pepperoni comes on too subtle against the ham/bacon onslaught.

Something Italian's veggie and meat trio breakfast pizzas.

Fong’s Pizza, around the street on Fourth, adds yet another dimension to the breakfast pizza scene, with topping-laden hunger-stifling slices.

Fong’s Godzilla pizza is a gut bomb of delight! Awesome creamy, sausage-laden pepper gravy. The not-so-secret secret to their rich gravy is the addition of cream cheese. Beneath the gravy lies a minefield of starchy cubes of potato atop abundant scrambled egg. Even with all that going on, the bacon has no problem asserting itself as a major player in your mouth.

Roasted red bell pepper adds a nice sweet, almost desserty, flavor to Fong’s veggie pizza. Interspersed with the eggs are spinach leaves and a few crunchy bits of onion. Creamy white sauce underneath adds moisture, a quality sorely lacking with most breakfast pizzas.

Fong's Godzilla & veggie breakfast pizzas.

I could be content with the breakfast pizzas of Something Italian and Fong’s if it were not for this…

El Chisme's breakfast pizza.

…the Sunday brunch breakfast pizza at El Chisme Taqueria & Pizzeria in Valley Junction. It is a glory to behold and an epiphany to eat. But that is another story [see blog post].

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Leah said...

Hy-Vee breakfast pizza was so good. It had sour cream as the base, cheddar and moz cheese, topped with sausage and/or bacon, and crisp hash browns! Add green peppers and onions for o'brien. It was my favorite. I haven't had it in years.