Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whitey's Ice Cream saves the day!

Recently an otherwise futile trip to Coral Ridge Mall was rescued with a visit to Whitey's Ice Cream – a Quad Cities/Iowa City/Coralville chain – to sample some of their delightful ice creams.

Whitey’s orange sherbet is refreshing, and not at all as cloying as Heyn's strawberry sorbet [see blog post]. It is though an unfair comparison, sorbet being made with sweetened, flavored water, whereas sherbet also has a small amount of dairy present.

Big pieces of fruit are what takes notice in Whitey’s smooth and creamy strawberry ice cream. The flavor may not be as bright as Des Moines’ favorite Bauder's [see blog post], but nonetheless would make a good foundation for a delicious shake.

The mint chocolate chip’s mintiness is neither weak nor overpowering. Unevenly sized pieces of chocolate add a nice crunch and are visually appealing. A treat for kids of all ages.

UPDATE: Whitey's Ice Cream is now available in pints and quarts at Des Moines Metro-area Hy-Vee stores.

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