Thursday, October 6, 2011

Return to Capital Pub and Hot Dog

UPDATE: Capital Pub & Hot Dog has since closed.

On my second visit to Capital Pub and Hot Dog I was intent on taking on the half-pound Homewrecker dog, but decided against the weighty pup for a couple of regular size quarter-pound dogs.

First up was the Mobayashi. The siracha mayonnaise starts off light but gets zestier with subsequent bites. A generous gob of cream cheese softens the zing, as well as the cool, crisp chunks of cucumber. A light coating of tempura batter adds a nice crisp to the frank. The otherwise fiery punch of wasabi is restrained in a creamy application. You get a taste, but not enough to clear your sinuses. I would have like that.

The Maddog is a zippy dog indeed, however the “nuclear sauce” wasn't the hottest thing I put in my mouth on this visit. The affable barkeep gave me a taste of Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce and that pretty much superseded anything the Maddog could dish out. I do appreciate the abundant crushed red pepper encrusting the frank. I love the flavor and the wee crunch it imparts. Cream cheese again tones down the heat, but not nearly enough for delicate palates. Accompanying planks of carrot and celery seemed gimmicky at first but are a welcome nosh after consuming such spicy fare.

Since my last visit [see blog post], sport peppers for the Chicago dog have been acquired. Trade in the diced tomatoes for sliced, and you’d have as close to a real Chicago dog as you can get this side of Aurora.

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