Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Return to Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

On my second visit to Zombie Burger + Drink Lab I was intent on trying the Zombie Poutine. Poutine, a staple in the colder climes of Quebec, is a hearty combination of french fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy.

The disappointment I had with Zombie Burger’s opening day fries [see blog post] was abated somewhat in this evening’s offering, but aside from a few crispy pieces they were still underdone. The gravy was thick and clingy, but also a tad saltier than I cared for.

The cheese curds. Well, what could I fault in a cheese curd? Not a thing. They might have even melted a little from contact with the fries and gravy were they not still chilled. Neither I nor my dinner companion were terribly impressed after a couple of forkfuls, and pecked at it some more until we had our fill with about half of the fries and gravy remaining.

In contrast, the burgers and shake we ordered fared much better.

My pal was pleased with the goat cheese on the La Horde burger which also sports bacon, caramelized onion, and mayo. I opted for a Dawn of the Dead burger, topped with a fried egg, bacon, American cheese, red onion, and mayo. My lone lament was that the yolk was runny enough to fully eviscerate upon my first bite.

The Chocolate Nutella Marshmallow shake, though pricey, was damn good and I was the fortunate one to finish it.

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