Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fat Tuesday is food for the soul… and your pie-hole!

I happened upon Fat Tuesday on S.W. Ninth not too long after it opened a few years back. I enjoyed that visit and planned on a return, but for whatever reasons never made it back until just a few weeks ago.

The Cajun greens is vibrant with tomato, onion and accentuated with slow-cooked, fall apart pieces of pork. Tangy, spicy, vinegary, with a bright burn on the back of the throat.

Red beans paired with a cone of white rice sports a vegetal flavor profile, celery being quite prominent. Slices of chicken sausage links don't add much to the dish. Its fine, wiener-like consistency and flavor makes one want for andouille, although in comparison to the red beans I had a few decades ago in NOLA the sausage is quite similar. In that instance, the links were sliced lengthwise, grilled and served on top. The beans are appealingly toothsome.

The jalapeño cornbread doesn't exhibit much jalapeño to look at, but the warming essence permeating each bite is unmistakably delicious! Unlike the cornbread that you'd get from your average Midwest grocer bakery, this isn't overly sweet or cake-like. I’d skip the rice and eat this crumbled atop the red beans.

Fried pickle chips are salty, zesty and tangy in one fell swoop. The corn meal crust is first rate. Hardly greasy at all until you get to the very bottom of the bowl.

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Anonymous said...

They have other wonderful tasty things. The properly cooked and breaded catish and crawfish etoufee are my favorites.