Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jake may hate Illinois Nazis, but I love the pizza!

If you can get past the inflammatory moniker, the Illinois Nazi served at Angelo's Pizza in West Des Moines is a sight to behold. UPDATE: In November 2013, Angelo's moved to 1238 8th St. in West Des Moines and rebranded itself as Angelo's on 8th. The pizza too has a new name, now called the less controversial Nic's Favorite.

The crisp crust, with nice spots of char on the underside, is loaded down with sauerkraut, chunky summer sausage, and deli-thin ham. The aroma of the kraut is intoxicating. Its bright, vinegary bite is a nice counterpoint to the meats. The only addition I could possibly ask for would be a scattering of caraway seed. It’s not a criticism, just food for thought.

Angelo’s eschews the typical hoagie roll for their Italian grinder in favor of a big, soft, toasted half-loaf of Vienna-style bread. Each bite sports a mouthful of soft bread, a savory blend of ground beef and Italian sausage, vinegary banana peppers, and gooey mozzarella. Easily one of the best grinders in town.

Served with your choice of side, I opted for onion rings. Battered not breaded, crisp with no hint of sogginess, a few overdone.

If eating in, take a gander at the vintage colored vinyl collection upon the walls, especially if you're a Joan Jett fan.

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