Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waveland Cafe: Like the food, loathe the crowds.

The Waveland Cafe is one of those places I absolutely, positively avoid going to. Not for some vile retching horror served on a plate, but because of the crowds. Every time I’ve passed by on a weekend morning the place was packed, with a large queue up front waiting for seats. On the few occasions I’ve ventured there I couldn't even get through the door.

I tend to eat like a starving dog, but I appreciate the luxury of letting my meal settle in for a few unhurried minutes, or enjoy a beverage refill or two before I get up to leave. And though some folks are content to do that while the hungry masses wait in quiet desperation, I’m not one of them. I find it uncomfortable.

One time I was there to order some loaded hash browns to go. The mass of people up front waiting to sit gave me no choice but to stand elsewhere, either hovering over patrons enjoying their meals or in the way of the hard working wait staff, while the seemingly endless minutes dragged on until the order was ready.

But I digress.

Recently I was passing through the neighborhood on a weekday afternoon and called ahead to inquire about the waiting time. There was none I was told. Aha, time to go! Settling in at a table of my own, I hammered down the coffee with nary a wait for a refill.

The Mexi Best Skillet is a plank of crispy hash browns resting on a bed of seasoned ground beef, diced green bell peppers, onions and jalapeños, with choice of egg atop, adorned with shredded cheese. The scrambled egg I ordered was light, fluffy. The hash browns were first rate.

Still feeling peckish I set into a half-order of biscuits and gravy. Nice grill on the cut side of the biscuit. Delicious, well seasoned gravy, accentuated with chunks of breakfast sausage. The peppery bite builds with each forkful.

Great food, nice people. But ain’t no way I’ll ever brave the weekend crowd. I’d rather stay home and eat a can of beans.

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